It's me.....Deeeeena!

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My Name is Deana Spyres (prounounced: Deena)

     Storytelling.  It's at the core of my being, whether through motion or stills. I started my adult life in the world of film, making movies, documentaries, TV Shows, and commercial.   The best part of what I do is connecting with the joys, sorrows and everyday lives of people, maybe even creating something that brings about positive change for those people. My job has taken me around the world and allowed me to work with actors, politicians, and famous people all across the world.  I still do that today and can't imagine doing anything else with my life. 

     About nine years ago, I decided to also pursue professional photography.  As with film, my emphasis is storytelling.  I'm not about the perfect pose or making sure your pinky is in the right position.  My photography is about capturing the story, the event, the essence of people.  The statement I hear most is, "you really captured who I am" or concerning events, "Wow.  It feels like I was there."  They say it's important to have a nicheĀ“ and in a time where everyone has a phone with a camera, that becomes more important.  My nicheĀ“ is storytelling; it's the candid moments during an event or during a portrait session.  My objective is to have fun with you, help you feel at ease, and to capture our time of fun together.  As a filmmaker, it's to craft a story that will resonate with the audience. 

     If you're one of those people who doesn't like getting in front of the camera or you feel uneasy about it, I'm probably a great fit for you, because I'll help you forget there's a camera there at all.  And if you want to relive an event and the hidden moments that you'll surely miss as they happen, then I'm definitely the photographer to capture it so you can relive the moments over and over again.  

     I'm located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but I travel globally to capture the story. Working with you would be an honor.  

Behind the Scenes

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